Ruby red. The name is a tribute to the red wine made in Tuscany by Fabrizio Ciampi.


Standard sizes: 120-70; 125-80; 135-90 and more.

Available in this shape 24/24 22/22 26/26; you can ask for other lug-case measures with the classic standard shape.

Further personalized wrist measures: to be considered 15% more on the total price.

Processing time: from seven to fifteen working days. Processing times may change according to the type of measure or model requested.


How to order:

1-Send a Whatsapp to 333 14.25.059

2-Send a mail to

3-Write the “Request Information” on the website

Leather is alive, irregular, unpredictable. For this reason each strap is unique, perfect in its imperfection.

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