This Kodiak has an unique gray, noble shade.

The Kodiak treatment is an exclusive of our company and was designed by Fabrizio Ciampi for Officine Panerai in 1993. The Kodiak treatment, certified and tested by same Officine Panerai of Florence, allows the leather to resist sea water for 24 consecutive hours, remaining unaltered.

We are the only Kodiak strap maker, beware of imitations.


Standard sizes: 115-70; 125-80; 135-90 24/24 22/22 26/26

Other measures: 26/26; 26/24; 26/24; 26/22; 24/22; 22/20; 22/18; 20/20; 20/18; 20/16; 18/18; 18/16; 16/14; 12/14; 12/10.

Further personalized wrist measures: to be considered 15% more on the total price.

Processing time: from seven to fifteen working days. Processing times may change according to the type of measure or model requested.

Each strap is customizable by stitching color, oval or round holes and other specifications.


How to order:

1-Send a Whatsapp to 333 14.25.059

2-Send a mail to

3-Write the “Request Information” on the website

Leather is alive, irregular, unpredictable. For this reason each strap is unique, perfect in its imperfection.

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